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Leadership for First Nations Women

Leadership for First Nations Women

Join us for a transformative two-day masterclass where you’ll explore living your truth and embracing your Warrior Heart in the world.

Through storytelling, reflection, and shared vulnerability, you’ll deepen connections to yourself, your culture, and your community.

This masterclass, designed for First Nations women, is about investing in your well-being to serve others from a place of strength and sustainability. Imagine leading from a foundation of clarity and conviction, fully aligned with your purpose and values.
Take this time for yourself to reconnect, realign, and empower your leadership journey.

Through collective storytelling, reflection and shared vulnerability, this two day workshop will explore how you live your truth and be your Warrior Heart in the world, and how you nurture and build deeper connections to self, culture, and community.

Creating and taking space to nurture and invest in ourselves as human ‘beings’, before our doing, is vital to our sustainability and our capacity to empower, enable and serve others. Many of us are already serving and showing up from our bare minimum reserves, or are already serving from our burnout – we just live with it and get on with it.

Just imagine for a moment, what it would feel and look like to serve from a
foundation of wellbeing, of sustainability and clarity and conviction in your
contribution, your path and service. Of practising yourself as being a part of the
collective your serve, and serving from your wellbeing and overflow.

This is a space to take time for you, to check in with yourself and really explore and reconnect with who you are being and align this to your season, your Dreaming (purpose) and values. This Masterclass series is designed for First Nations Women only.


Why Attend:

  • Engage in a sacred space for confronting challenges, healing, and well-being
  • Participate in shared vulnerability and cultural learning
  • Discover how to embody self-awareness and care
  • Develop confidence to live your truth and stand in your power
  • Reinforce connections to culture and community
  • Honor and support your roles and responsibilities without conflict
  • Let your Dreaming guide your leadership journey





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