10 Telltale Signs You Need A Vacation ASAP

10 Telltale Signs You Need A Vacation ASAP

By Noma Nazish

Going on a holiday is typically considered a want, however, sometimes, it can actually become a need.

“It’s really important to take regular breaks,” says Dr. Hana Patel, a UK-based primary care physician and mental health coach.

Taking time out to allow yourself to refresh from within enables the body and mind to remove themselves from the daily grind. “Taking regular breaks lets your bodily functions restabilize into homeostasis (the default mechanism that we are designed to thrive in), by reducing the inbuilt stress reactions of flight, flight or freeze,” notes Dr. Anthony Webb aka The Brain Whisperer.

“Regular time off also helps to prevent burnout—a condition that is defined as emotional, mental and often physical exhaustion brought on by prolonged or repeated stress,” notes Dr. Patel.

“Play and fun should be serious priorities throughout life,” agrees psychotherapist and author, Charlotte Fox Weber.

“When little things feel extra hard and big things feel impossible, it’s often a sign that you need a holiday,” says Weber.

From losing your motivation at work to having trouble falling asleep, ParkSleepFly CEO and travel expert, Martin Jones, reveals the ten major signs that indicate you’re overdue for a holiday:

  • You’re always losing your temper. If you’re finding yourself constantly stressed out and seem to be making a bigger deal out of problems you could usually solve with ease, then you might be in need of a holiday. “Some time away will typically help you to cool down while providing you with the opportunity to come back with a clear head, ready to tackle whatever comes your way,” says Jones.
  • You’re making unhealthy choices. Physical and psychological stress causes fatigue, which often comes with a lack of motivation. This can also lead to making less healthy lifestyle choices like not sticking to your meal plan, skipping workouts, not prioritizing self-care, etc. “You may even form the habit of spending too much time on your phone which can likewise come from a lack of motivation,” says Jones. “If you begin to notice these unhealthy routines, consider booking some time away,” he suggests.
  • You’re making mistakes. When your brain continuously feels as though it’s going at a million miles an hour and you’re finding it hard to focus, you’re more likely to make frequent mistakes—mistakes that perhaps you would never usually make. If you notice this is the case, consider taking some time off at the earliest so you can reset and return with your best foot forward, Jones suggests.
  • You’re struggling to sleep. Do people in the office keep telling you that you look tired? Are you finding yourself taking hour-long naps in the afternoon? Are you struggling to sleep at night? If you are answering yes to these questions, this is your body telling you that you need to make a change and look after yourself. “A holiday is a perfect medicine to rejuvenate and get back to a more regular sleep schedule,” says Jones.
  • You’re neglecting your personal life. If you find yourself focusing solely on your work and responsibilities and regularly missing family gatherings and canceling on friends, you may need to rethink your work-life balance. “It’s important that your identity doesn’t become wrapped up in your work and you remember who the ‘real’ you is,” notes Jones.
  • You’ve got ‘holiday envy.’ If your friend’s holiday photos—that once used to inspire you and bring you joy—now only trigger jealousy and frustration, it might be time to get away, says Jones. Don’t spend another weekend gawking at Sally’s iced cosmo on Instagram or Jim’s Facebook updates about his family trip to Disneyland, take a break and create your own memories instead.
  • You’ve lost your spark. If you are snoozing those alarms more and more often, dreading the Mondays you once looked forward to and are struggling to ‘find the funny’ in anything, it’s another warning sign that you probably need a holiday, says Jones. “Give yourself time to refuel and rediscover your passions and creativity and motivation will start flowing again.
  • Your last holiday is a distant memory. Do you struggle to remember the last time you got those dust-covered suitcases out for a trip? Are you asking yourself where your last holiday was? Are you constantly daydreaming about going on a holiday? If the answer is yes, then you’re in absolute need of a getaway.
  • Your time off doesn’t excite you. If you’re not using your time off to do things that excite you and instead only managing to drag yourself to the couch, it’s a sign that your energy levels are majorly depleted. “You need to make sure you’re making the most of the health and wellness benefits from your off time. The simple remedy is a holiday,” says Jones.
  • You’re bargaining with yourself. Too often, we tell ourselves to power through until the weekend and resist taking any time off. “Many people keep their time off banked away as a safety blanket but this can often do you more harm than good,” Jones points out. How, you may ask? By pushing you to the verge of burnout. “Bite the bullet and take time off when it’s genuinely needed—you’ll thank yourself for it,” says the travel guru.

Noma Nazish writes about the beauty of wellness and the wellness of beauty, and how to can harness the two to improve well-being. 

This article first appeared on the Forbes website.

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