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First Nations Authentic Leadership for Women Masterclass

First Nations Authentic Leadership for Women Masterclass

The First Nations Authentic Leadership for Women workshop is designed to empower both First Nations identified women and non-First Nations women by harnessing the strengths and wisdom of First Nations culture to enhance their leadership.

Through collective storytelling, reflection and shared vulnerability, this two day workshop will explore how you live your truth and stand in your power and resilience. It will explore how you nurture and build deeper connections to self, culture, and community.

Creating and taking space to nurture and invest in ourselves as human ‘beings’ is vital to our sustainability and our capacity to empower, enable and serve others. This is a space to take time for you, to check in with yourself and really explore and reconnect with who you are and align this to your season, your Dreaming (purpose) and values.


Why attend

  • Engage in a sacred women’s space that allows you to confront your challenges, provide healing & cultivate your wellbeing
  • Participate in a space of shared vulnerability & be taught through cultural ways of learning, knowing & being
  • Discover how to allow yourself the permission, time & space to embody & practice self-awareness & care
  • Develop confidence in your abilities to be able to live your truth & stand in your true power & resilience
  • Reinforce your connections to culture & community & reclaim your cultural identity
  • Understand how you honour the role you hold in your life, your roles & responsibilities, whilst weaving them in a way that honours & supports the other without conflict
  • Allow your journey to be led by your Dreaming & your Dreaming to guide your Eldership (Leadership)
Meet your facilitator

Shantelle Thompson OAM, a proud Barkindji and Ngyampaa woman

Founder & Aunty Shan
Kiilalaana Foundation

I am a woman being the change she wishes to see in the world, starting within my own inner world and circles and allowing this to be a ripple effect by my being before my doing. I am walking this journey one step at a time and sharing my journey out loud to inspire and empower others to be their Warrior Heart in the world. I am Dream Walking Dream weaving my life to plant seeds and create ripple effects that will last long after I have left a space or this lifetime.



Who will attend 

This masterclass is taught from First Nations practice, principle and protocols, and is available for First Nations identified women and non-First Nations women to attend from:

  • Federal, State & Local Government
  • Community & Non-for-Profit Organisations
  • Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations
  • Universities
  • Private Sector
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