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Ending Coercive Control, Family & Domestic Violence

Ending Coercive Control, Family & Domestic Violence

Take action on prevention, response & recovery to drive safer outcomes for women


Family, domestic, and intimate partner violence against women is a national crisis and it’s not slowing down. 

A 2023 study found that 57% of FDV reports included coercive control behaviours. The same study found DV assaults have risen 13.5% in the last 5 years.

Over two days, the ‘Ending Coercive Control, Family & Domestic Violence Against Women’ conference brings together practitioners, experts, and advocates to educate and inspire attendees. It creates a genuine opportunity for collective education, awareness-building, and relationship-building.

Discussion on critical issues such as the criminalisation of coercive control, the status of legislation across states, pending changes in family law, prevention of, responses to, and recovery from coercive control will take centre stage in this thought-provoking, timely, and insightful event.

Immediate action is imperative to improve outcomes for women. Connect with peers at this event and be part of the drive for change.


Attend and learn how to

    • Strengthen & frame how we talk about & assess coercive control in practice
    • Re-think systems responses to family & domestic violence
    • Move away from incident-based responses and towards a lifespan approach to violence & coercive control
    • Ensure that practice reflects the current and emerging evidence base & legal framework on coercive control
    • Ask the right questions at the right time to assess risk & safety
    • Navigate interagency collaboration effectively
    • Instil culturally safe & inclusive practice & better support under-represented communities
    • Effectively prevent & respond to intimate partner violence
    • Centre the voices of children in responses to violence
    • Connect with culturally responsive practice & learn from First Nations and CALD perspectives, voices, lived experiences, & expertise


Who will attend

This event is appropriate for any practitioner in the FDV and related sectors seeking to stay informed about coercive control in Australia and to engage in key discussions surrounding this critical issue.

Relevant for representatives from the NGO Community, Government, Police & Justice sectors, with roles & responsibilities for:

    • Family & Domestic Violence Services
    • Intimate Partner & Assault Services
    • Women’s Services, Shelters & Refuges
    • CALD, Refugee, Migrant & Immigration Services
    • Family Services, Relationship & Counselling
    • Children’s Services & Child Protection
    • Men’s Behaviour Change
    • Alcohol & Other Drugs
    • Mental Health Services
    • Legislative Change & Reform of Family Law
    • Economic & Financial Support for Victim-Survivors
    • Healing, Recovery, & Therapeutic Services




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