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Public Sector Climate-Related Risk and Disclosure Conference

Public Sector Climate-Related Risk and Disclosure Conference

Getting climate risk ready

As governments recognise the escalating impact of climate change on their finances, infrastructure, service delivery and policies, it is more crucial than ever for them to effectively assess and manage climate-related risks.

Governments have a fundamental responsibility to consider current and future climate risks, and opportunities, in decision making. With mandatory climate disclosure requirements in development at a Commonwealth level, and proactive action happening across other levels of government, now is the time to take action.

The Public Sector Climate-Related Risk and Disclosure Summit will uniquely bring together the key stakeholders and leaders from across Federal, State and Local Government to share best practices to assess, disclose and manage climate risk. This summit will also explore the key role of leadership, governance, and how to build public sector capability to effectively manage climate risk.


Benefits of attending

    • Hear about the Commonwealth Climate Disclosure reform & what your obligations are under it
    • Understand how DCCEEW & state governments are building capability to assess risk & support adaptation
    • Gain insights from all levels of government and learn how they’re taking action to manage climate risk
    • Hear from expert speakers across government, academia, legal and more
    • Connect with like-minded professionals to support you on your climate risk journey


Why attend


Who will attend

Federal, State & Local Government, with roles & responsibilities for:

    • Climate Risk & Strategy
    • Sustainability & Climate Change
    • Climate Preparedness, Resilience, Adaptation
    • Climate Reporting & Disclosure
    • Enterprise Risk, Finance, Governance
    • Policy & Programs
    • Net Zero & Transition


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