“There’s no disaster without some silver lining” – Why COVID-19 could offer some opportunities for Universities

While the world watches on anxiously for updates regarding COVID-19 (or colloquially coronavirus), higher education institutions across multiple countries have been impacted. With travel restrictions and extended waits for visa approval, the international education market has ground to an uncertain halt. Yet Kylie Colvin, Director of Strategy, Development and Delivery at the University of Nottingham [...]


As you can appreciate, in these current times, and with significant travel restrictions in place, there is no capacity for face-to-face courses to be delivered for the foreseeable future. But fear not – as you would expect from someone that teaches business continuity – there was a plan in place 😊. To that end, Paladin [...]

The neuroscience of finding your Flow

Many of us are familiar with the euphoria of finding your Flow. Whether you’re playing an instrument, competing in sport, or blazing through your work, the task happens effortlessly, a seamless rhythm of action and outcome on repeat. When we are in our Flow we are more productive, our brain minimises distractions and our output [...]

How Big Data Is Impacting Leadership

It has become apparent now, more than ever, that for leaders to excel and get ahead of the competition, they need to start embracing big data. But how does big data actually impact leadership? By Katya Velour   How Big Data Is Impacting Leadership The rapid changes in digital technology have had a huge impact [...]
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