8 Traits That Will Make You the Best Candidate for any Job

8 Traits That Will Make You the Best Candidate for any Job

Some of us grow up with a dream job in mind. It is inspired by family, a famous personality or simply our talents. By choosing appropriate courses and paths of education or training, we work for decades towards our dream job. Often, the last step is to sit for an interview. Popularly held in a special equipped room, it is usually nerve-racking and tests the skills necessary to be hired for the job you are seeking. We all strive to pass our interviews. One of the ways to ensure this is to prepare beforehand. What if you knew exactly what to expect in your interview? This would definitely give you more confidence throughout the exercise. It would also give you an upper hand over your competition.To maximize your chances of success, you need to make sure that you possess the below traits before entering any job interview.

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High level of competence

Simply be the best at what you do. This is a trait that is developed using discipline and dedication to the skills required for your job. Ensure that you are as good as is required for the job you desire. All other issues aside, you should be able to perform your job in an excellent way with no supervision. Competence is a very important trait to employers. They want a person who is capable of handling the tasks at hand. As such, work continuously to ensure that you improve and master the skills which you need for the job by the time you are attending the interview. This will prove that you are ready to work on a moment’s notice.

Cool confidence

The best outfit that you can wear on a daily basis is confidence. You need to be comfortable in your own skin and your abilities. Moreover, you should be able to know exactly what you want. This is how to be confident in life. Express this trait in your interview sessions. Ask and answer questions in a confident way. Be friendly, engaging and assertive too. This will make you pleasurable company and put you head and shoulders over your competition.

A credible character

It is important to be credible so as to improve your chances of landing a new job. Your credibility is how reputable you are and the character you present. Your employers depend on this trait to decide if they can trust you with the responsibility of the job you are seeking. To create credibility, you should ensure that you have a firm academic background for the position you want. Moreover, ensure that you have high ethical standards. Do not misrepresent yourself or portray an image of misconduct. Also, maintain professional behaviour throughout your educational phase and job hunting efforts. This way, you embody your credibility and inspire confidence in your employer.


According to the latest studies, 76% of all productivity from an employee is determined by the level of their intelligence. This does not necessarily mean high academic grades. This is intelligence in the sense of having an ability to solve problems, organize things, set priorities and see a job to completion. It is your capability to deal with the daily challenges of the job. One way to demonstrate that you are intelligent to your employers is to ask smart questions. Show informed curiosity by asking a variety of questions about the nature of the job. Listen to the answers and explain their relationship with the questions that you asked. This is a sure way to demonstrate that you are intelligent to your interviewers.

Teamwork skills

No matter where you in the world, you will always be a part of a team so as to achieve some target. Therefore, it is important to have teamwork skills. You should be able to cooperate, collaborate, delegate and take instructions. One of the ways you can apply this in your interview is by interacting cooperatively with the panel that you find. You can also indicate some instances in your professional past where you worked with a team and excelled. This is one of the traits that employers search for earnestly.

Your networking ability

This is one of the more interesting traits that employers search for in potential employees. Do you know any people in the industry which you want to join? Are you aware of the different roles played in the field you are joining? It is important to know both of these. The more contacts you have, the higher your chances of securing the job which you desire. Also known as your network, a collection of contacts is important to have. Having a solid, wide network of professionals in the field you want to join can improve your chances of getting employed by 85%. Therefore, join clubs, associations and attend conferences. Be social, professional and open to interaction. Ask the people that you meet for references and referrals. You can begin with your domestic contact structure. This includes your friends, relatives and associates. Inform them all that you are searching for a job in a particular industry. You will be surprised to receive an interview opportunity from one of your close contacts. While in the interview room, do not be shy about explaining your professional contacts and how you got there. This is an important trait that employers search for today.

Computer literacy

Information Technology (IT) has been incorporated in literally every single industry today. Computers and their systems are used in the medical, manufacturing, construction and education industries. Therefore, when going into an interview, it helps to ensure that you be capable in the computer skills required for the role. Learn and practice them to ensure complete proficiency. In this way, you will pass a skill-based interview and also excel in your job when you get it. This is one of the most important traits that employers search for today.

Quick adaptability

The only constant in life is change. This is clearly observable in the modern working environment. Most job responsibilities expand and contract every day. Therefore, the employees in these positions have to adapt quickly to suit the prevailing external and internal conditions. Thus, you should be able to do the same. You should be equally comfortable behind a desk and out in the field too.You can demonstrate adaptability by giving past examples of instances when you had to adjust in your job responsibilities.

The Important Take Away

One of the greatest achievements that you can make in life is to get hired in your dream job. To achieve this, you need to pass the interview first. The guidelines above are gems of wisdom that you can use to accomplish this. By knowing what your employer wants, you can develop these traits within yourself. As such, when you attend the interview, you will not be viewed as simply an aspiring employee but a potential asset to the employer.

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