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Power BI Fundamentals - Powering Up Your Data Insights

Power BI Fundamentals – Powering Up Your Data Insights


Take your business intelligence and professional success to the next level through analysing, visualising and sharing data


• Power BI 101 • Build impactful reports using data modelling and visualisation tools
• Transform data like a pro • Use Power Query Editor to shape and clean data for powerful insights
• Communicate insights effectively • Create visually compelling reports that communicate complex data clearly
• Collaborate with ease • Discover the best practices to share your reports and seamlessly collaborate with your team



Lance Rubin

Lance has a wealth of financial modelling experience across financial and professional services
having worked at two of the Big 4 accounting firms, Investec Bank Corporate Finance and Advisory
and National Australia Bank.

Lance is the founder of Model Citizn, an organisation that helps all businesses and governments to
make relevant, informed, and purposeful decisions with insight, by better managing cashflow and
their Excel and Power BI environments. Lance has run workshops across Australia and New Zealand
on data analytics and data visualisation using Power BI on behalf of ACCA and CA ANZ (CA Catalyst).

Lance is also the Chief Excel Officer for EXL Cloud, an innovative software solution that helps
accountants and finance professionals get more value from the cloud and Excel by automating the
creation of cash flow and financial models. Lance is a recognised global expert in Power BI for
Accounting and Finance and has been a speaker at the Global Power BI Summit for the past two



Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Model Citizn


26 Mar
09:00 – 16:30

27 Mar
09:00 – 16:30

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