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Media Skills for Executives

Media Skills for Executives

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, effective media communication is more critical than ever. As a leader in your organisation, your ability to navigate various media platforms with confidence and credibility can greatly impact both your personal standing and the reputation of your organisation.

We understand the importance of equipping executives and senior leaders like you with the essential skills and strategies to excel in media communication. Our comprehensive Media Skills for Executives workshop is designed to empower you to confidently represent yourself and your organisation across interviews, press conferences, and social media interactions.

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Navigate the media landscape with finesse and mastery

• Articulate your message with clarity and brevity
• Adapt your communication style to resonate with diverse media audiences
• Master techniques to shape the narrative and steer conversations towards desired talking points
• Apply media skills to real-world scenarios through interactive exercises and role-playing



Amber Daines

With over 25 years of diverse experience, Amber, the founder of Bespoke Co., brings a wealth of expertise as a former business TV, newspaper journalist, and PR consultant. Leading a team of five consultants, she serves clients in financial services, cryptocurrency, and industry associations. Presently, Amber focuses on media training, crisis PR, reputation management, and hosts her podcast, The Politics of Everything, which has garnered five million downloads and inspired an online course for podcasters.


Chief Media Trainer & Founder
Bespoke Co

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