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Investigative Interviewing Masterclass

Investigative Interviewing Masterclass

Develop the critical skills to conduct interviews

Investigative interviewing is a very useful tool in the regulator’s toolbox and can gather large amounts of admissible evidence in a short space of time. However, it is often not used due to the fear of “getting it wrong” or misapplied.

This masterclass will demystify the investigative interviewing process, introduce the science backed PEACE model of interviewing, and provide participants with practical tools that can be applied in their specific workplace. The masterclass will include opportunities for participants to practise the concepts discussed and powerful questioning techniques designed to elicit the flow of information from both witnesses and suspects.


What will you takeaway?

    • How the PEACE model of interviewing can be applied to interviewing both witnesses and suspects
    • Understanding of how human memory works and how easy it can be influenced by poorly structured questions
    • How to use the “details funnel” to maximise quality information from your interviews
    • The big differences between interrogation and interviewing
    • How to design strategies to deal with untruthful answers



Meet your facilitator

Investigative Interviewing Masterclass

Jason Scarborough

Principal Consultant, JS Regulatory Services

Jason is a highly experienced and motivated specialist in compliance, regulation, and investigation with over two decades of experience in regulatory roles across state and local governments

He is a specialist in regulation and compliance from the strategic level right down to the “hands on” perspective. During his time with the NSW Environment Protection Authority, Jason undertook and managed numerous complex and high profile investigations into waste crime and environmental incidents. Jason is also a fierce advocate for skills development for regulatory officers to enable them to confidently undertake quality regulatory work.




Anyone from a Federal, State or Local Government regulatory agency who is required to conduct interviews with complainants, witnesses or people suspected of committing serious regulatory offences in a regulatory role including:

    • Investigations
    • Rangers
    • Compliance
    • Inforcement
    • Regulatory practice & operations
    • Inspections
    • Prosecutions
    • Legal
    • Local laws officers
    • Audit
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