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Influencing with Impact Workshop

Influencing with Impact Workshop

Ever wondered how some people effortlessly achieve their goals, inspire teams, and gain support?You can too!Through one jam-packed day of practical training, the Influencing with Impact Workshop will help you sharpen your verbal and non-verbal communication to build genuine connections, foster trust and respect, drive engagement, and achieve your goals.



Transform your communication skills to make things happen and achieve your goals

• Master impactful verbal and non-verbal strategies
• Learn to tailor your messages to maximise influence
• Build authentic connections through rapport and assertiveness.
• Hone your written communication by aligning goals with readers’ needs



Liz Stephens

Liz is an experienced coach and trainer, with an extensive career in the public service. Following her successful Command tenure at the 1st Recruit Training Battalion, Liz established Ripple Impact, drawing on her experiences to help others be their best selves. In her ‘day job’, Lieutenant Colonel Stephens is a facilitator, coach and mentor at the Australian Command and Staff Course.

Coach & Trainer
Ripple Impact


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