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APS 5-6 Leadership, Capability & Professional Excellence Masterclass

APS 5-6 Leadership, Capability & Professional Excellence Masterclass

Exceed your work level standards, thrive in your role & unleash your leadership potential

Aimed at APS 5-6 level officers and management, this face-to-face two day masterclass will provide an opportunity to advance core skills and explore the leadership requirements for effective APS 5-6 level professionals.

Practical, engaging and hands-on, this comprehensive masterclass will optimise your professional performance and accelerate your growth as a leader. You will walk away refreshed, inspired and confident in your leadership and the path ahead.

Specifically designed for APS 5 & 6 level roles and built around the core capabilities and characteristics set out by the APSC, you will gain key tools to thrive as a public sector leader and to tackle your career with drive and resilience.

Benefits of attending

  • Build leadership authenticity, understand your values & boost confidence to lead high performance teams
  • Learn how to communicate with influence & build trusting relationships
  • Develop self-awareness & empathy to become a more effective leader
  • Master strategies to break out of being busy & become a more strategic leader of your team
  • Build resilience in yourself & others to navigate challenging situations
  • Shift from being a manager of process to a leader of people

Meet your facilitator


EL1 – EL2 Leadership, Capability & Professional Excellence

Daniel Murray

Founder & Director, Empathic Consulting


Daniel Murray is Australia’s leading expert on Strategic Empathy. Blending the worlds of business strategy, leadership and emotional intelligence to support business and community leaders to drive high performance by creating more motivated and empowered teams. Daniel shows business leaders how to foster organisational understanding, build deep trusted relationships and create a culture of commitment through mastery of empathy as a capability.





Who will attend?

The masterclass leader has built the content of this masterclass to accommodate and reflect your work level standards against the following expectations of your role:

  • Leadership and accountability
  • Independence and decision making
  • Stakeholder management
  • Management diversity and span
  • Program, policy and project managemen
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