PS Alerts website has been specifically designed as an ‘Events Site’ to attract attention from Public Sector Employees at Federal and State level.  The content is about or directly sourced from entities that offer services to the Public Sector.  As a result, the reader will notice a high proportion of businesses and educational institutions that offer professional / executive courses and Public Sector relevant conferences, workshops… etc.

PS Alerts subsequently seeks content or messages from suppliers offering professional products and services to the Public Sector. The ‘Main News’ on the PS Alerts website is what our clients submit to us. We also like to give special preference to businesses who are prepared to offer members of the Public Service extra-special deals or genuine incentives for directing their considerable business their way.

Currently we are accepting relevant content on our site for free. Although we also offer a mail-out service for paying clients as PS Alerts has quite substantial subscriber email lists available to send messages to directly.

If you have any government relevant business or message or just wish to connect with our nations largest employer; then there is no better or more direct method of doing so other than via an EDM (Electronic Direct Mail).

                      See EDM Rate card.

Clients can send their own Solus EDM’s directly to the inboxes of thousands of Public Servants during business hours. These are government employees generally in admin roles who are sitting in front of their computers and as such are a captive audience to say the least.

Email us at to learn more or to request an Advertising Rate Card.

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