As you can appreciate, in these current times, and with significant travel restrictions in place, there is no capacity for face-to-face courses to be delivered for the foreseeable future.

But fear not – as you would expect from someone that teaches business continuity – there was a plan in place 😊.

To that end, Paladin Risk Management Services will recommence delivering courses as at 4th May 2020 through live streaming.

Obviously, this will not be the same as delivering the course face-to-face, but the way it will be set up will still allow for questions to be asked by participants as the course is delivered.

The only difference will be the fact that you won’t be able to network in the breaks and you will have to provide your own catering 😊.

Rather than the courses being undertaken in one block, each intake will be staggered with approximately 2 weeks between each module.

This will allow participants to assimilate the information presented in each module and, allow for assessments to be completed as the course progresses (although that is not compulsory).


Please visit for further information and to register.

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