Improve outcomes for a better government at this three-day event

Good public policy and service delivery must demonstrate its value to the community. In the past, government has measured what it does, and not necessarily what they have achieved to better serve the public.

This approach is reflected in how governments define success. Often, governments focus on outputs (activities, products or services) and how much it costs to provide them. Just monitoring and reporting on outputs doesn’t provide evidence of the impact of their work.

Instead, governments should focus on outcomes to allow them to identify what they want to do with their communities, experts and service delivery sectors.

Outcomes Frameworks provide a way to understand and measure the long-term positive difference to people’s lives and enables them to build evidence of what works in improving wellbeing.

At the Public Sector Outcomes Based Approaches Summit 2019, we will provide government departments with the skills to focus on core priorities and make a measurable impact on the lives of their constituents, while transforming the way employees contribute to overall department objectives.

At Public Sector Outcomes Based Approaches 2019, you’ll learn how to:

  • Measure the real impact of government activity on communities
  • Deliver results that improve the lives and trust of your customers and stakeholders
  • Align outcomes with best-practice service delivery
  • Achieve buy-in through shifting organisational culture
  • Transform systems processes to support the shift to an outcomes-focused approached
  • Achieve collaborative approaches to service delivery through strong frameworks

2019 Key Speakers:

  • Andrew Nicholls, Executive Director, Strategy and Performance, Office of the Environment and Heritage NSW
  • Dan Bowes, Director Strategy and Metrics, Revenue NSW
  • Garth Worboys, A/Executive Director, Clinical Support Services, HealthShare NSW
  • Dr Vinita Deodhar, Executive Director, Sector Outcomes and Performance, NSW Treasury
  • Zack Haddock, Executive Director, Koorie Outcomes Division, Department of Education and Training Victoria
  • Peter Ryan, Principal Implementation Officer, NSW Premier and Cabinet



Please click here to view the full program and agenda, and to secure your seats.


By Konnect Learning

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