The importance of behavioural insights in policy making

Policy makers are often asked to ‘think big’. They face sizeable and complex challenges of global, technological and social developments which are transforming economies and societies.

Solutions to some of the biggest problems can be solved with the simplest solutions.

Behavioural insights offer ways to create elegant and simple solutions to problems which can’t be solved with traditional assumptions or tools. This is a powerful tool to help reshape and design new evidence-based policy.

Behavioural insights encourage people-centred design, which means simpler, clearer and faster public services. Evaluation is a crucial part of this. Policy makers need to understand how people behave and evaluate what is successful or not, to drive better outcomes across the public service.

So, how could behavioural insights benefit policymaking in future?

At the Evidence Based Policy Summit 2019, we will be discussing how behavioural insights can help guide public policy making and drive community focused government policy effectively.

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