So much reform, so little change

The VET sector has had 465 reforms to regulation just in in the last 21 years – averaging one reform every two and a half week. This leaves the sector fatigued from constant change and is “unable to make long term plans”. Every time a new reform is established, VET, such as TAFES and private providers will have to meet new standards and requirements for teachers.

VET is just one industry that had been impacted by overregulation. But with headlines from the past two years highlighting regulatory failures in the banking industry, it poses the question of what the appropriate level of regulation looks like for Australia?

Coming up in March 2020, we will be hosting The Regulatory Reform Summit, a two-day experience that will challenge regulators to encourage industry innovation, drive economic growth and ensure public protection. Our headline speakers confirmed include Professor Graeme Samuel AC, Anna Cronin, Rose Webb and Mark Cully.

You will learn how to allocate resources according to regulatory risks, influence compliance behaviours in regulated organisations and adapt your regulatory models as industries evolve. Most importantly, you will maximise the success of reforms with outcomes-driven approaches.

Get in early and book your tickets now!



By Konnect Learning

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