10th Public Sector Women in Leadership NSW Summit

Leadership skills to steer your organisation into a successful, stable future

20-24 August 2018
Sydney, AU

Motivation is the difference between holding and succeeding in a leadership position. Being motivated ensures ongoing development and growth as a leader. Through harnessing motivation, you will influence and empower the people around you, developing the next generation of leaders that carry your organisation to the forefront of success. This workshop will address the strategic qualities necessary to develop and maintain motivation, turning yourself into the best Public Sector leader you can be. Identify your team’s potential

• Invest in your team’s leadership development

• Equip essential skills to propel your team forward

• Instill confidence and watch your team soar Develop motivation in your team • Embed core leadership values into your team

• Learn to prioritise goals and achieve success

• Identify key factors of motivation for your team Promote skills for effective performance • Apply confident communication skills

• Promote collaboration across your organisation

• Empower your team to build their own support network Embed purpose in performance • Identify roadblocks that prevent successful performance

• Inspire a change-ready attitude • Instill a culture of change and adaptability.

10% off Standard Rate Team of 3 – 4

15% off Standard Rate Team of 5 – 9

20% off Standard Rate Team of 10-14

22% off Standard Rate Team of 15+

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